About Silent Noise Publishing Group


Art in New Jersey

New Jersey has always been a state that produces great art. From Paul Robeson, to Queen Latifah, New Jersey boasts a rich tradition of creative and talented expressionist. Galleries, performing art centers, educational institutions, community organizations and book stores are in almost every major city and provide diverse opportunities to experience the artistic, cultural and intellectual contributions brought by people from around the state.

Silent Noise Publishing Group is southern New Jersey’s first African American owned publishing house. Silent Noise Publishing Group is a licensed New Jersey organization that publishes literature, offers artist promotion and marketing services and host writing and speaking workshops. Although Silent Noise Publishing Group is a New Jersey based company, products and services are available to the 50 States and the UK.


Our Mission

Silent Noise Publishing Group seeks to publish, develop, and market passionate literature, artwork, photography, and music. We promote: artistic creativity, personal freedom, family dynamics, community, health and wellness. Silent Noise Publishing Group realizes its mission by partnering with artists and customers to achieve their wants and needs.


Our Vision

Silent Noise Publishing Group inspires generations…


Our Values

Creativity We respect all neoteric forms of expression. We support, foster, and encourage all artistic processes that defy the norm.

Innovation We constantly research ever-changing materials, equipment, and processes that enhance our products and services making them user friendly and environmentally sound.

Integrity Our services and products reflect the highest level of discipline, truth and honesty. We operate openly and are committed to our partners.

Service We are accountable to our partners to make every experience beneficial.

Encouragement We built our brand to stimulate, inspire, and persuade artists and customers to be all that they choose to be.

Partnership Our partners are the community, the artists, and the customers. We grow with our partners in a relationship - meeting wants and needs.