The Silence That Speaks

The Silence That Speaks

The other day, I was asked why I selected the Silent Noise for the name of my publication company.  And for a moment, I thought about it.  I actually reflected back to the moment, the day that a bolt of inspiration flashed within the recesses of my mind. Growing up in the Jennings’ household, filled with everyone from aunts to cousins, we communicated our differences in many ways.  When the house was filled with laughter and conversation, you knew everything was fine.  Now when the house was quiet, and no one was saying anything, you knew something was wrong because of silence. Silence spoke volumes. 

In today’s artistic landscape, there are many different vehicles for artists to express their thoughts, emotions, opinions and most importantly, their stories.  For the writer, there are books, magazines, news papers, on-line blogs, and writer’s contests.  For the painter or the photographer, there are galleries, museums, art dealers, and your everyday stores that sales prints and copies.  We also can’t forget fashion, the art that people wear on themselves everyday. Whether it’s a t-shirt or tie, a painting or a manuscript, art is everywhere.              

So here we are, in the midst of times where we are flooded with tons information, images, and opinions; we have to distinguish unique stories and credible sources.  Not disqualifying any vehicle or medium, some art is just beautiful in the eye of the beholder, and rightfully so. If someone doesn’t believe that their work is beautiful, then no one will. Today, I simply challenge artists to challenge themselves and take a bit more time, and bit more love, to create their work - just to keep the respectability in the game.  We all must respect our crafts whether it’s business, sports, or the arts. And hey, aren’t we all artists? Ask Lebron James if that cross-over and dunk is pure poetry in motion? Ask the designers of Toyota, if the Camry is their Mona Lisa?

Silent Noise Publishing is a vehicle for those artists who scream on paper and with their camera and with their paint brushes, but no one ever heard them. Or, maybe someone heard them and didn’t have the budget for them at the time.  Silent Noise hears.  And we respond.  I welcome you to my vision and my love: the arts, the community, and the people.  We are arriving at time where businesses are closing but hearts are opening and pouring out stories.  We hear you and we are open for business.    I implore you to first browse through our site and get a feel for our mission, vision and values.  If it permeates that region that moves your spirit, become a partner and join the movement and grow with us.  Together, we will allow your silence to speak.

Live life. Love. Create art.

Bruce Jennings,