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Jennings, (seated right) autographs a book during the “Brown Dress Thoughts”
book -release party on May 15th.

MAYS LANDING, NJ, April 27, 2010 – Despite a struggling publishing industry, local artist launches Silent Noise Publishing Group to bring inspiring, soulful pieces of literature, collections of art, and photography to South Jersey.
Bruce Jennings, who lives in Mays Landing, formed Silent Noise Publishing Group on the heels of his latest book, brown dress thoughts. With a strong belief that art has an essential place in society, Jennings seeks out writers and artists looking to revive a culture that appreciates the art form.

Silent Noise will partner with local artists and educational organizations to produce seminars, writing workshops and festivals. Silent Noise will also partner with state art agencies and foundations to provide training and fellowships for local artists looking to hone their craft.

“Silent Noise will be a vehicle for artists who scream on paper, with their camera or with their paint brushes, but have never been heard,” says Jennings. “Or maybe someone heard and did not have the budget for them at the time. Silent Noise hears. And we respond.”  
“Everyone has a story; from families losing their homes to men and women returning home from war, we all have something to say,” adds Jennings.  “Silent Noise provides a platform to share their stories, through written essay’s or pictorial accounts.”

Silent Noise will publish fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, short stories, children’s books and photography. The formats will range from traditional hard, paperbacks, E-books to online publications, including blogs.

Additionally, Silent Noise will market paintings, sculptures, clothing designs and other visual mediums by international artists.
Moving forward, and to help struggling artists, Silent Noise plans to offer book deals, essay contests and art shows, as a resource to earn additional income.

About Silent Noise Publishing Group
Silent Noise Publishing Group is member of Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN). Silent Noise Publishing supports the mission of New Jersey Council of Arts, Discovery New Jersey Arts, The National Endowment for the Arts and Art Pride New Jersey.