SNP Blog April 19th, 2010

I'm extremeley interesting in the transformation and sustainability of reading within the world now-a-days. Print, books, and newspaper sales are steadily declining.  The internet has found its way into the majority of American and international homes.   Information is coming at us from the left and right and often, if the writing is short, straight to the point, and at the top of search engine findings, we read it first.  Well, this is my first attempt at blogging and if my research proves to be correct, you will read these thoughts because they're at the top of the page, and short.  At least kind of short (Is kinda a word?).   This blog is really just my opinion and I hope to not offend  or infuriate you with my thoughts but good writing or art should disgust and anger, or, entertain you.  It should cause some emotion to rise, be it good or bad.

With that being said, any good strategy has well defined goals and objectives.  I took a stab at developing a few goals for this blog page.  My first goal is to communicate my opinion and perspective on literature to the people who visit the site.  Goal number two.  I would like to provide insights and a bit of researched information on new developments in the literature and arts industry.  Finally, my last goal is to provide a platform for artist and customer s to interact on a personal level.

So relax. Stay a while. Come back every few weeks, and we’ll have a conversation.  I’ll talk with you later…

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