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Silent Noise Publishing offers businesses and organizations the full range of business solutions.  Silent Noise writers are available to write business plans, grant proposals and full program design.  In addition to those services, if your business needs assistance managing time, resources and cost, we provide project management services. Below you will find a detailed description of the services we offer:  

Innovative Business Planning and Solutions

Have you always wanted to start your own business but don’t know where to begin? Do you have an idea but don’t know how to bring it to life? At Silent Noise, we believe that when you discuss your ideas and write them down on paper, they come to life.    We offer business inspiration, planning and research. Silent Noise will partner with your organization to draft professional business plans that you can present to lending institutions. 

• Business Viability Discussion (Our Team will meet with your organization to discuss the viability of your business idea. This discussion will entail details about: for-profit entities, 501c3,  location (home-based or not) and product development.
• Business Inspiration- We will provide ideas and resources to help you develop ideas for your small or personal business.
• Business plan writing – We will draft all levels of your business plan and help you locate lending institutions.
• Local, State, Domestic and International Business Research – We will conduct market research for your organization.

Grant Writing

For your grant writing needs, Silent Noise offers grant writing and grant management consultation. The Silent Noise professional will assess your current or aspiring capacity to make application, receive, and manage grant funds.  Silent Noise will also write, submit and monitor local, state, federal and foundation grant applications.

• Grant Writing ( Local, State, Federal and foundation)
• Grant Capacity Consulting: We will thoroughly examine your position, ability and readiness to apply for and receive local, state, federal and foundation grants. Upon completion of our examination, we will provide a written report of your organizations, capacity and readiness for grant making.
• Grant Review- Silent Noise will review grants that you have previously submitted.   If applicable, we will make revisions and resubmit the grant application.

Program Design, Development, & Evaluation

Whether it’s a community health strategy, or hopes  to start an after-school program, Silent Noise has the program designers for you.  We will use the most update program development strategies to design a program for your target population.  We will access the needs, develop goals and objections, develop the intervention, assist with implementation and develop the evaluation design.  Below you will find a list of services:

• Program design, development, and evaluation.
• Development of goals and objectives
• Community and Business Research
• Full Program Evaluation (We will link your goals and objectives to program design and systematically measure the merit or worth or merit of a product, project or program. We will generate report upon completion of project

Project Management

Project management is one of the business world’s most in-demand skill sets. It’s also among the fastest growing professional disciplines in North America. The smallest project can benefit from project management; processes such as planning, time and cost management, scope management, human resource management and communications management are all areas that project managers provide leadership.  Below is a list of project management services offered:

• Lead and direct project teams and delivering project results within the constraints of schedule, budget and resources.
• Create your organizations project plan
• Provide consultant on project levels

Fees are negotiated on a project basis, please e-mail us at:
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