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Many writers don’t have the time or skills to be a writer and an editor.  Often, when new writers are writing their first book or project, they worry about editing, clarity and designing and selling the book. While Silent Noise Publishing Group encourages any artistic process, we suggest that authors first write the story, and then worry about editing and publishing needs later.

Silent Noise Publishing provides editing services for all of your writing needs.  These editing services include:  proof reading, copy editing, and developmental editing. Once   you submit your project, Silent Noise editors will read projects and provide a quote for service. Some fees are based on a per word basis, and some are based on amount work and time needed to review and revise the authors work.

Editing Services

Editing Submission Guidelines

* Contact Information (Name, Phone Number and Email)
* Manuscript or project
* Word Count
* Type of Editing desired (proof read, copy editing, development)
* Timeframe or Deadlines
* Primary Market (if known)

Please email all inquires and submissions to:

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